Monday, March 11, 2013

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Spring Wreath

Yes I made another wreath. I love wreaths and love changing them out on my front door. I made a spring one to fit for the next few months so I don't have to change it out till I feel like which made actually be for the fourth of July. I would have loved a Easter one but with Easter and St. Patty's Day so close, it would have been up like two weeks so I did this one.

This wreath cost me all of 8 bucks because the grapevine wreath was on sale for like 3.50 and than the flowers were half off for about 4 bucks for the bunch. I could have done it cheaper if I would have dollar stored it but I liked the flowers better at the craft store.

I just picked the flowers off the plastic stems, and hot glued them on. I think it took longer for the glue gun to heat up than it did to glue them on the wreath.

The one thing I have to say was that I was surprised that I picked pink for the flowers. I usually go for blue or purple but these struck me as being the right ones.

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