Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Bow ties are Cool!!!!

Okay if you know the reference that you will know that I am really geeking out and made myself a Doctor Who inspired wreath. We all know I love wreaths and happen to make more than I should and I know some of you know I love Doctor Who (total 10th Doctor nut).  As much as I love the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor did inspire me more because of his adorable bow tie and fondness for wearing fezzes. Now who doesn't love a fez!!!

I am getting way better at making the mesh wreaths and each one comes out a little better than the last one. I used smaller ribbon this time and pipe cleaner tied the heck out of it. I had all of this on hand because I was thinking ahead to the 4th of July. When I started it, I thought I can just switch it to the 4th but no way now. It is staying this way and will be out till the end of season seven and will reappear for the 50th Anniversary coming this fall. I am so excited for that because I hear David Tennant the tenth is coming back and how exciting is that.

So enjoy my fun and whimsical Doctor Who wreath and I doubt there is anything else out there like that!

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