Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Thanksgiving Crafts

We are having a lazy Thanksgiving day today. We have no where to go which is wonderful even though we do miss our families in Arizona and Wisconsin.

The hubby played football with the kid to discover Miss O has quite a throw with her arm. She said she has been playing with neighbor kid a bit (he loves sports). Mr. L worked on riding his bike and is really close to getting it down. He tires out after awhile.

The hubby than tried his hand at watching the Packer Game but moved on to The Godfather at some point. All I heard him say was he tried!

So than the kids and I decided to make some fun crafts.

First we worked on a Turkey Puppet where they wrote things they were thankful for on.

Than we were working on a craft for Girl Scouts on Monday and we decided to make Rudolf and friends. I love the huge pom pom for noses. 

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