Saturday, August 2, 2014

# Technique Twist

TTTC # 29- Using Fringe

Well it is fringe time over at the Technique Twist  and I decided to pull a project from my own archives that used the awesome fringe scissors you can purchase. 

I had made these lovely flowers for my mother in law's birthday back in May.  

To make these flowers you need to cut a piece of 12 inch by 4 inch piece of designer paper and fold in half the long way so you than have a 2inch by 12 inch piece. I glued the two loose ends to together using a tape runner and than on the outside of that I put down the super sticky red tape (leave the red on till you tool). 

On the folded side of the paper, I took the fringe scissors and cut the to just the red line. I did that the whole 12 inches of paper. After that was done, I removed the red  from the tape and started to roll them on a small dowel rod. Once they were rolled, I covered them with some washi tape for a better hold. I fanned out the the flowers a bit and repeated until I had about six of them for the jar that I decorated. 

Now you have flowers that will always be in bloom. 

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