Monday, February 2, 2015

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One handed Crafting_ Pinterest edition

With my tendon surgery, I have very limited mobility. I can't use one hand and it has to stay as still as possible until the tendons heal. It makes crafting so hard. I still went ahead and held our Pinterest party for February and I was even one of the crafters. So I was able to do two of these projects on my own but the flower, I wasn't able to but once I can, oh will I be making a ton of them.

The framed heart was a lipstick project where we traced a heart and than took dollar store lipstick to create the lines. 

My project was the decorated tile which was just layering paper and modpodge.

Finally the burlap rose which was awesome because it was a way I had never made them before. I think I am sticking a pin on the back of this so I can wear it.

Even though I am down a hand, I am making it work

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