Monday, May 18, 2015

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Bulletin Board redo

Summer is right around the corner. The boy is done with preschool this coming week and about three more weeks for the girl. I love my bulletin board and it has been wonderful all year for sticking important stuff on but I wanted to freshen it up some for the summer and all it cost me was zero dollars because I had everything on hand. I love projects like that. 

Here is the plain board. It had some cute stuff on it like the kids daily schedule and the days of the week but I pulled that all off. I hd that on there to stick stuff on days they were due etc. 

I cut a piece of fabric I had in my stash. I picked it up on the clearance rack because I liked it. 

I slowly started tucking it in and I see my spatula from my Cricut. 

Got it ll in and I didn't iron it. It flatten out as I tucked it in. 

Finally added in some cute ribbons around the out side. I can pull the fabric out and the ribbon off when I want to change it out. 

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