Thursday, August 20, 2015

# Organization

Planner Because I need to plan everything

You see that big old planner binder - yeah that is my new one. 

I so need something comprehensive in order to run my life as well as three other people. 

My old one wasn't cutting it and got abandoned months ago (might have to also do with school ending).

Now school starts next week and I needed something to keep me sane (or as close to possible). 

I love the recollections system that Michaels offers. 

I have been looking at it for some time and just made the jump to get it. 

I have four sections (which does make the binder tight but it has my needs). 

I have a monthly calendar which also breaks down each week. 

A To do list because I always seems to be making one and even more so with school starting. 

A menu planner so now I can be somewhat organized instead of writing it down on scrap paper.

Finally a section for a journal which is more of a note taking area for me. 

I cut out the tabs (to save some dough) using my Cricut and just used the write on feature. 

I than was wondering how to decorate the front. I wanted loud at first but I simple put my monogram on it. I might add stickers and stuff as the year goes on. 

So lets hoping this helps more with my life!

Thanks for stopping by!

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