Friday, September 4, 2015

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Fall Sign- swoon!

SO last week I was at Wally World for what ever reason (I think looking for t-shirts) and I came across this really cute MDF sign that was on the clearance rack. I grabbed it for four bucks and figured I would do something with it (I am a craft hoarder so I see potential in everything). 

So I brought it home, looked at it for a few days as it sat on my table and than stuck it int he closet. I was at first thinking it would be cute with books on it to maybe hang jewelry on it. 

Than I was wandering around Hobby Lobby (big surprise) and saw a really cute sign that inspired me to create this one. So I bought some black paint and well went to work creating this cute sign for the fall. 

I cut out all the pieces out of vinyl of course using my Cricut and just started layering on. I am not the biggest vinyl fan but it actually went pretty easy and I love how it turn out. Now I need to figure out a place for it. 

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