Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Big Surprise-Prep Work

So if you are reading this, we are off on an adventure as a family. It is a big one, one that has been planned for six months and it has been kept a secret from half the family as well. 

So here is a little history, the hubby got a small inheritance when his Mother passed away last year. We decided to spend it in a way that would honor her and do things she was never able to do for my Hubby. He bought himself a 3D printer and got me tricycle (which I love). 

We decided for the kids to do a big trip and we kept it quiet. My is it hard to plan things without the kids knowing. Thankfully I explained to the travel agent to not call me after the kids got home (only before) and plus with them at school it helped a lot.

Of course being the crafty person I am, I wanted to make things to continue on the surprise for the kids as we set off on our epic journey. The funny thing is the boy has asked constantly to go to this particular place for the last few months. We get in the car and I will ask jus randomly, where should we go and he shouts out this place. Today was the day, we could go finally. 

So lots of prep work in planning this huge surprise for them. 

I made a surprise travel pack for the kids with some stuff in it to entertain them in the car and to have when we arrive. 

These are the kids surprise bags with stuff for the road. 

I got Miss O and I matching Mickey Vera for the trip. 

The kids autograph books I made them. 

My bag that I sort of had to make. 

Than I took on a weeks long project of making shirts for every day we were there. 

Every day is a theme and I included the hubby and I on a few days. 

Kids and my monogram shirt

Our Magic Kingdom Shirts


Big Hero

May the Force



I love all the shirts so much. As I made them, that was my current favorite. I had one idea for our Star Wars shirts but went in a totally different direction when I saw an similar idea on Pinterest. 

Super excited for our journey. 

Stay tuned for more!

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