Friday, May 20, 2016

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Summer Around the Corner!

I said to my hubby the other morning- "I can not wait for summer to start."

He put down his tablet and asked "Why? Doesn't that mean the kids are with you ALL day?"

I replied "Yes it does mean that but we are all burned out. It is a constant fight every morning to get everyone up and ready"

So yes I am done. I have been in survival mode for a few weeks ago. I cheered last week when the Kinder teacher said no more reading logs! We are taking a break. I was furious when we got the long email about the 4th graders final project because it seems that my full parenting would have to continue, no more of this limping along but my awesome daughter, well she is on top of it. Plus the last few weeks she is actually liking school after a year where more tears were shed than all the other years combined. 4th grader girls are awful, just awful!

I want more days where we lay around in our pjs and watch movies. Kids came home yesterday afternoon drenched from the rain. Everyone instantly put pjs on and the little homework that needed to get done got done and than we just laid around. Kids watched a movie and it was a quiet night.

I love that because it seems we are always racing around. Tonight, I have plans plus the hubby has to take the girl to batting practice. The weekend is filled with a few things as well. But the end is near.  It feels never ending.

Yes I have given up on making lunches because I was told they didn't like them so either make them your self or buy. I do not care if it is all sweet things.

Showers have become more optional than I like because heck the pool is being played in most afternoons.

I have fun plans for the summer. I have been introducing them slowly to the kids so when summer does start, they understand expectations.

They have a fun tripped planned with their grandparents an doc course our month in WI where we plan on just relaxing and enjoying being around the family.

School is wonderful and come August, I know I will be counting the days to the start of school. They will have been on every single last nerve that I have but we will also have a summer with tons of memories. I want my kids to be kids because adulting is hard!

I want more days like this!

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