Monday, August 22, 2016

Fifth Grader!

There might have been a few tears as we walked in Miss O to her last day first day of elementary school. It was just yesterday that my chubby cheeked girl with her purple backpack, walked in to kindergarten. I saw all those big kids and thought it will be a long time before she will be there and all of sudden her she is- ten years old and such an incredible person. 

Her she is on her first day of Kindergarten. I left her room and barely made it out of the school where I started sobbing and I am not a huge crier. I fully admitted that I wanted her back right away and that was he longest day ever. The boy, my mother in law and I watched the clock until we could get her. 

She skipped home that day loving every minute of it and for the most part has enjoyed school. Yes their has been ups and downs but as we approach this last year, we know that when it is all over, it will be missed deeply. 

The growth you see in your child is amazing. They blossom like a flower and begin to show who they are becoming. She went from a shy kid to one who speaks her mind when she feels it. We aren't far from the teen years and I am not looking forward to it. She already is moody but that what being a tween is. 

I still have years at the school with the boy who is starting First grade. I know that I will be just as teary eyed the day we take him to fifth grade but with him right now I am jumping for joy!

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