Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Enjoying Life with the Kids

In this day and age kids have so much to stimulate them yet sometimes the basic needs like playing outside fall to the wayside. My daughter only gets about 15 minutes of recess at school each day which totally floored me and I understand why when we walk home she runs most of the way because she has all this pent up energy that needs to be let out.

All the ways the kids can be stimulated or even overbooked is overwhelming even for myself so I vowed that my kids need outside time daily as well as limiting certain types of stimulations that are out there like video games. I vowed to enjoy life with the kids in a much simpler way.

Over Spring break last week, every day was spent on an outside activity because the weather was so nice. We went to the zoo where we learned all about the animals and had the neatest experience with the Chimps. We went to the rodeo where their favorite part was the "Fun on the Farm" interactive exhibit.

Wednesday we went Strawberry picking and Thursday was spent at the park for over two hours. The kids  loved being outside and seeing nature around them. I knew that this was a good thing when my daughter sitting on the bench swing at the park, told me that she could swing all day. A five year who understands already to slow down and enjoy what is around her. I think I am doing my parenting job pretty good.

I have been working at simplifying our lives. When it was complicated, we were all super stressed and that included the kids. Even my husband is way more laid back though as the sole provider he does have stress from work but feels he can totally destress when he gets home. We work at finding things that enrich us rather than zap.

I have decided that life is all about enjoying it. Finding the simple things in life have been way more fun. My kids won't remember all those amazing and expensive toys that were bought but instead will remember that adventures we took together. The richness of life is something I am teaching them to embrace. It took me a long time to see learn that, so I want my kids to know it as soon as they can.

They slow down and see the wonders of the world around them.  I have slowed down and see the world around me and I am amazed what I have seen. Life is worth living to the fullest so try to do it as much as possible.

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