Friday, March 2, 2012

# recipes

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This is what I love to stay home with the kids so that on a morning like this on Dr. Seuss birthday, I have the time to make them some green eggs and ham.  They loved it and we didn't have to try to eat it in a house or with a mouse or even in the rain on a train.

These were easy to make. I took some spinach and sautéed that up in the pan and than added some scrambled eggs. I toasted some english muffins and than added cheese and ham to make our own version. Miss O told me it was so good and loved it (she wants it a again tomorrow and was eating her brothers).

The bad news was that Miss O's Cat in the Hat shirt no longer fits her so she went to school with out it.  Oh we so wish it had fit and I had the request to get a bigger one for her which might not be so easy!

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