Tuesday, March 6, 2012

# sew # Wednesday

Let them look at Cake!

I don't bake and it is the one thing I really fail miserable at. I rather go and buy something at the store. I try and it usually ends in a failure. I do have the cake ball maker which helps some but it is one of the skills I just can't master. I have been thinking of taking the cake class at the local craft store but haven't gotten around to it. Though the one thing I can do is sew and this is a cute piece of cake project that is zero calories. I am thinking about making a whole cake this way because it was super easy.

I created and cut out a template to make it. It is basically two triangles, two rectangles and one square which I stitched together, stuffed, and closed up. I put it on my pretty china to get a formal effect (heck I should use it for something).  This would make a great gift to someone as a fun baby toy. You could decorate it all up or keep it simple like I did. If I get more ambitious, I might make the whole cake. I think I would need like seven more pieces to make the whole thing and than I would have to convince myself that I need a cake stand (okay I looking for a reason).

The following are the sizes of the pieces cut from the templates:

I cut 1 4 x4 inch square for the back of the piece. 
I cut 2 4x5.25x5.25 triangles for the top and bottom. 
I cut 2 4x5 rectangles for the cake sides. 

These are the templates I made out to cut out the fabric. I choose a fabric that looked like the inside of a piece. 

The top and bottom of the slice

The insides attached on

The piece inside out

My finished piece of cake

I admit I think it looks good though it might leave a cotton taste in your mouth. 

So chalk this up to a weird thing I have sewed because I wanted to see how it was done.


  1. I made my templates last night then cut my fsbric. I'm using light pink(strawberry??!) felt for the sides. For the top & back I used a piece of magenta colored(raspberry??!)felted sweater. And for the bottom triangle I used an off white/cresm colored felt. I might change it to pink. I'm planning on usimg pink diamond shapes to decorate the top & back & using beads(for sprinkles). I also made a twisted tube(iceing) for where the top & back meet. I'm making it for a friend who had gastric bypass surgery & has lost over 50 lbs since Febrary! I'll post pics when its finished.
    Thank you for the templates. I had found another "piece of cake" but the templates didn't
    make sense! You did a great job!How about doing a cupcake? I've found several online but the good ones cost $$ & the free ones aren't very good!!

  2. So glad it worked for you. I have been thinking about a cupcake and will see if I can do it. Thanks for letting me know!