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Tales of Hurricane Harvey and How You Can Help!

The monster storm (

As I write this, we are hoping the worst is behind us and that the storm’s additional anticipated rain fall gets pushed east and rains on areas that can take rain. Houston and most of our area really can’t take much more because the retention ponds and drainage ditches are near or at capacity right now. Gas is limited as us getting our hands on additional supplies from the grocery store is becoming difficult today but likely will be resolved here in the next day or so.

To start off, we are okay. We had a ton of rain Friday and Saturday nights. The water just ran down our streets right into a few homes unfortunately that got flooded. Our house is fine and likely just has some wind and storm damage on the roof, so will be filing a claim here as many are also doing. We spent about 40 solid hours together as a family which is lately a rare commodity with our new start up plus the start of school.

We spent our time together, watching movies, working some, and of course crafted and cleaned. I was actually deep cleaning my master bedroom when I quick post on the subdivision Facebook page got my attention. The kids’ elementary school was open as a shelter and intake location. They needed blankets, so I pulled a few blankets from my stash and sent my husband over there to donate.

He said he walked in to a few people and zero supplies there. They needed medical supplies so he came home to grab our big medical kit and took it over. He soon discovered there was no food there and more people started pouring into the cafeteria. He texted me that they needed food, so we gathered what we could like snacks, drinks, and some stuff to make PB&Js. We all piled in the car and headed over.

I also put out some calls onto social media as well as the local Nextdoor app asking for supplies at the school. We got there to the kitchen already being open (heard the fire department broke the lock) so we set to work organizing the little we had and started making sandwiches.

Another Mom was there who asked what she could do to help and I said can you help make sandwiches. Before we knew it, tons of food, dry clothes, blankets and supplies started pouring in. People stepped up to start cooking noodles and hot dogs arrived. As it poured, both people needing a dry place to come and people bringing donations streamed in. We hit a point where we now needed to move the supplies over to the other locations where more stable long term locations were set up. That Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon just manning the food. We both ache this morning (the perks of getting older).

All the supplies coming in. 


Food donations

My drenched husband who worked his butt off!

So, we a call went out to bring trucks so the supplies could be moved and in a little over a hour, it was all moved to one of the two locations. We continued serving food and assisting people for hours. People who had been rescued were in shock and a warm meal helped. Before I knew it was 4 pm. Matt, my husband, helped with delivering supplies and had run into some friends who all caravanned with the supplies to the Red Cross shelter.

I finally headed home with two tired kids while Matt stayed for the last few waves of people coming in. A neighbor and he made some more hot dogs and just helped as needed. They finally closed the location down after everyone had been taken to the shelters.

Honestly, we did a little and many of us did just a little but because we all did that little amount, tons got done. It was amazing how people who were flooded out, stepped up to pitch in. Our EMS, Fire and Police were incredible. There was no single person in charge and actually no one was really in charge but so many stepped in to do what needed to get done now. It was a times overwhelming and it took all my might not to break down in tears but warmed my heart when a three-year-old boy who had been rescued was so excited for some cookies and had the biggest grin on his face as he ran up to tell his dad about his treasure.

It wasn’t my intend to help like I did. I just did without thinking about it one bit. It needed to get done, so we stepped up. Matt said it felt like his Navy days and he was through a few Typhoons when he was station in Guam. I really don’t think I did anything special but I do appreciate the countless thanks we were given. It was a team effort with every single person who stepped up to make the call.

There has been countless emails, calls, texts and Facebook messages asking how people can help. I have been trying to compile lists of information as I get them. For me social media as of late has been a tough pill to swallow so the positive nature of the last 30 hours is amazing.

Currently, our local supplies are limited with the lack of stores being open but many have plenty of water and food. The stores should be stocked fully again here soon because the water has receded a lot since yesterday. Once that infra structure is back in place, we all should be good there.

There are numerous shelters around the area that need additional supplies:

Bay Harbor Methodist Church is an official Red Cross location. They are in need of blankets, pillows, plates, forks, toys, cereal and sleeping bags. They can be reached at 281-334-1100 but it is unknown if anyone is answering the phone. You can also donate directly to the Red Cross .

Clear Creek High School is in need of prepared food and non perishable items. People are staying there and donations can be taken to the cafeteria.

Please though if you cannot safely leave your home, do not go out. While most of the rain has slowed and water has receded, it might not still be safe out there.

I have had so many ask how they can help so right now those are the immediate needs of our area. Donations are appreciated but there is going to be long term needs so donate to the Red Cross who help in these times. Please make sure your donations are going to a legit organization because in times like this, people will capitalize on the situations.

For anyone out there that may need assistance due to flooding here is some information I was able to find out on about FEMA and TWIA (If you are insured through them).

1800 FEMA employees have been deployed in the area. If you want to call the command center at the Coast Guard center the numbers are as follows:
  • 281-464-4851
  • 281-464-4852
  • 281-464-4853
  • 281-464-4854
  • 282-464-4855
If you need FEMA assistance, here is the direct link to that:
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is what most people have for their Windstorm Insurance. The information is here: and a claim can be started via the phone at 800-788-8247. I have heard that you should try and file prior to Friday if you can because insurance laws are changing but I don't know if this is true or not. If you don't have your policy through TWIA, contact your insurance provider as soon as you can. 

It's been a rough couple of days for Houston and it still will be for weeks. We are lucky and many our friends are as well. There are also tons of friends who flooded it out and are now picking through their stuff. If you need help, please reach out for it and if you can help, please do it. If we all do a little, a lot of stuff could get done. 

Also, I don't know if all the information is correct but is as accurate as I can find per the websites and information I received. You may need to verify.

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