Friday, August 18, 2017

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Back To School Tips

Tips for going back to school

1. Plan your first week out so your kids know what to expect. Kids need to know where and when they are being dropped off. Ask them what questions they might have and have them work with you to get a feel about how it will go. 

2. Lunch Meal Plan for the week and execute it on Sunday. The kids are picking out the things they like and we are getting it ready on Sunday so during the week , they can just grab and go for their lunches.

3.  Backpack checklist. 
My seven year old needs this so I created this checklist for him to have on his backpack. He is pretty good about remembering the stuff he needs to bring home but in the morning we sometimes forget. 

I am just printing up, laminating and attaching with a key ring on his backpack. My kids also know if they forget something on here, that I will not bring it up to them. You forget you lunch, well than you buy lunch. Homework is your responsibility to make sure it is done and put in your backpack. 

4. Have a evening checklist of things to do like getting backpacks semi ready, lunch kits ready to pack and of course clothes ready for the morning. This five minutes of stuff will help lower stress for the morning. 

5. Enjoy the time and try not to stress about it. The first week of school can be stressful for everyone so find ways to have fun with it and understand there re things you can and can't control; Buses run late don't  fret, car rider line is super long don't fret, and the tons of paper work work at tackling it in a logical means. 

The first week is all about setting a good routine and hopefully some of these tips will help you to get in. good groove. Also adjust as needed because things change. 

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