Sunday, August 21, 2011

# School

School Days - Part 2

Today is the day before I officially have a kindergartner and it is exciting. We have talked about what she is going to pick for her first day and what she wants to take for lunch. We went Thursday night and had the parent orientation which made me honestly - very nervous. But I have gotten over it since than and feel much more confident about it.

We meet the teacher on Friday who is very nice and I think Olivia will warm up to her quickly. I am sure my kid will be a chatty kathy soon enough in the class and yes we will be having a conversation about it in the near future.

For today, she is still a preschooler, enjoying just doing as she pleases. She is watching Tangled and having her mac and cheese. Tomorrow will be a new adventure that will include lots of fun and different things.

Stay tuned as to how day 1 goes for both of us. :)

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