Thursday, December 1, 2011

# recipes

Cake Balls

I made some cake balls for our Daisy Scout meeting this past Monday and they turned out so cute. They actually look like candy to me. For this batch I didn't put sticks in them because they looked so much like candy.


  1. Wish my daughter was little and we were in YOUR Daisy group! (She's 10 and would be a Junior this year - but we quit after Daisys and Brownies - too much camping for her!!) These cake balls are so cute! Would love to see them in person!

  2. Sue- I am a TOTAL cheat with the cake balls. I bought a cake ball maker and it made making them so easy. I than just took a can of frosting, melted it some in the microwave to thin it out and dipped away.

    We are loving Daisies so much and we are trying to do bunches with them both with meetings and going out and about. The girls loved going to the Camp for the day. One of my Daisies has a sister who is a Brownie and rather come to our meetings than hers which means we must be doing something right.

    Thanks for the kind words and wish I could show you them in person but they are all gone (I made them Monday).