Wednesday, January 18, 2012

# crafts

My finished craft area!!!!!

I a so excited because my craft area is done (except for a small minor things).  I am so happy that what I pictured in my head came out pretty much like I wanted it. I did a lot of searching for things in the room. I always wanted a sitting area to just sit and read plus I also got an awesome area to do my sewing and crafts. This is all thanks to my incredible husband Matt who did all the major stuff while still working 50 plus hours a week. He even did a ton the day after he had to be up all night for his ISS experiment.

This is the built in desk area. My hubby took unfinished cabinets and finished them all. He told me when we do the kitchen that the cabinets have to be finished because he will never do it again. 

The whole room 

My two chairs which I just love and yes Lolly sort of blends into them!

My buffet that I got to but all my sewing stuff in. 

The room from another view. 

My dining area and yes I am working on a quilt to hang above the piano. 

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