Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Awesome Chicken

There is this commercial I see a lot for Hellman's Mayo to make Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breasts. I always want to try it but because we are a house divided between mayo and Miracle Whip so I don't use mayo a lot, I never have that much on hand. For some reason when I was at the big box store I picked up a gallon of both Miracle Whip and Hellman's. Needless to say they plowed through what my hubby likes to call the good mayo even though I remind him it is considered salad dressing. I don't like the tanginess of it and prefer mayo.

So I had the huge jar of it in the fridge and thought I really need to try it. I had three HUGE chicken breasts which I used. I used the basic recipe that you can find here. It is also on the side of the jar. I used more breadcrumbs because I didn't really measure but just shook them on.

I baked them for about thirty minutes because they were huge pieces. I have to say the turned out better than I hoped for. My hubby liked it as well as one kid (the other one stopped counting when he demands nuggets and spaghetti nightly).

I will be making it again and highly suggest others to try it if you haven't done so. I like good and simple stuff which this was both.

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