Monday, June 10, 2013

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Changing it up again

So last week I showed you how I redid my gallery wall and totally changed it up for about 15 bucks.  I have a beautiful shelf my hubby built many years ago to replace the lack of mantel in our house. I use it for Christmas every year to hang stockings. I use to have it on the other wall but when we switch the couches and tv around, I flipped the shelf to the other wall. I stuck every thing up there exactly like it had been on the other wall, so I was guilty again of just leaving it when I totally should be changing it out.

Though I do change it up for Halloween and Christmas but for the most part this is how it looks most of the time. I was trolling Pinterest again and stumbled upon this awesome pin by The Happy Scraps.  You know I love banners and they are pretty quick to put together unless your three year old keeps asking for help with his Lego plane.

So I went to work inspired by that Pin to create my own version of it. As I went through all of my SU DSP, I found the paper that worked for me. It is bright but also muted and fits well with my decor. I than created 6 separate but clean and simple banners for it. I embossed the card stock layer and stamped summer on it. I than of course attached it all the pieces along with ribbon and hung. At first hanging from the pegs, it hung to low so I used small decorative nails to hang it from. I than removed and dusted the shelf (remember I haven't moved things since Xmas). I than started with that awesome scrapbook page I created about two years ago and framed. When you put that much effort into one, I want to see it all the time.

I than went through all my stuff and rearranged things. The flowers were on my counter and the orange jars were hiding in plain site in the living room. I than added back a few of the things that were up there and wow what a difference it makes. I really like how it turned out.

This is Before

After with the fun banner!

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