Wednesday, June 26, 2013

# sew # Wednesday

Buttons Buttons and more Buttons

If you know me loose buttons are not something I like to have around because I always want to gag because I think of them as a choking hazard. On shirts and clumps that is okay. I once saw a lamp created out of a mason jar and filled with buttons- I almost lost it.

So when Miss O came home from GS camp on Monday night after making Daisies from large and small buttons for SWAPS, I was dreading what she was about to ask- can I make more. The kid is so much like me in her crafting.

So I of course said yes and trekked to Wally World to purchase a bag of buttons. I actually was okay- I tried not thinking about it. So today after I fixed my headlight bulb, we went to work making COUNTLESS button daisies with both pin backs and hair clip backs.

Plus I made a simple lanyard from some ribbon I had. I just stitched it over a key ring and added on a clip for anything Miss O might have. The whole of the project took about 15 minutes,. It would have gone longer if I hadn't finally said no more button daisies.

So Miss O designed the colors of each and I hot glued them together. She has two for her lanyard, one for her hair, two for her shirt, and some extra ones just to have plus she made one for her brother who than instantly popped two buttons off to make it a car.

The full affect of her button daisies. 

To hold up her shirt

Her hair one

Her lanyard and pin ones. 


  1. Those are adorable. I think we need to make swaps together sometime.

  2. I have to get better glue for these. The hot glue didn't cut it but yes we can totally SWAP craft sometime.