Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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T-shirt problem?

So I have had my Cricut Explore about 10 months and I use it all the time. For the first month, I used it every day but now I use it a few times a week.  The big thing my family loves is t-shirts because we can make custom ones all the time. I did cute ones for the rodeo for the girl and I but the boy I though could use the one I made last year but he asked so of course for Go Texan day, I created this.

He loves it and specifically asked for it to have a cow print on it. My little cowboy is going to look so cute.

So I have been wanting a few Softball shirts for games to rotate out and this one has been floating in my head for a while - love how it turned out. 

Finally, the hubby asked for  Save Ferris shirt- between the Goldbergs and watching the movie again with the kids, I created this. Love how it turned out too.

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