Friday, June 5, 2015

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Chores for the Summer

Okay it is officially summer break today for us. I told the kids last Sunday that we would be starting a new chore chart system for the summer because I can't and will not do it all. Today was the real test with them because we had lots to do for the end of the season softball party on Saturday so I wanted to get everything done today. 

The kids have been awesome all week with the chores. Each day they have some daily chores and than maybe one extra one that needs to get done weekly. Every day they have with out fail done all their jobs, took turns with the few that need that and done their daily extra job. Yes some bickering did happen but I told them that if they bickered to much, no Mom bucks (I will get to that in a moment). 

I printed this custom chore chart out and laminated it for each kid and hung it up on the bulletin board. 

So if they do all there stuff all week, they get rewarded with one mom buck for the daily jobs and one for weekly jobs so for a grand total of 10 mom bucks every week. It is all or nothing so if they blow off doing stuff, no mom bucks. Than they can turn it in for different things. 

Funny thing is my five year old was way more excited about this and vacuumed the whole house. Plus they did a bunch of extra stuff to and got a extra today. I also gave them one freebie to start with as well.

So far it is working. I even created play money to give them. They think it is so cute with my face on them. 

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