Wednesday, June 28, 2017

# Wall Decor

Letter board Fun

I may be a tad fan of fun fads and the letter board is one of them. You know the old ones that would either have the daily specials or in smelly old buildings tell you what floor the dentist was on.

I have really been wanting one but couldn't bring myself to buy one because every where I looked it was 25-50 dollars for one. I even looked into making one but even those were like 20 bucks worth of supplies.

Than I eye spied at Wally World a few weeks ago, one for 10 bucks which included letters. So it went in my cart. My first sign was the Drink Coffee one and I loved it. 

It is totally simple and can be personalized with what ever I am in the mood for saying. Believe me, this will be smarty pants in nature most of the time.

Than I noticed that a craft store was carrying them at a much better price and had cute words and icons to go with it so tada I did a travel one because our annual road trip is right around the corner. 

I am so in LOVE with the board and how many ways I can customize it. It can be a part of my decor that I can change up for the seasons, holidays or when I am feeling snarky (which honestly is quite a lot of the time).

I can see all the signs of different sayings now that I can put up. Now I need to update my Lightbox which I love just as much (hint Wallyworld had a 10 buck version to if you are looking). 

I am always looking for cute sayings so if you have any, send them my way. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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