Sunday, June 4, 2017

Waco Fun

My Mom and her friend came down to visit this week so they can wanted a vacation feel while down here and try something new to see. She loves Fixer Upper and of course asked if I would mind driving up to Waco. Of course I wouldn't mind because I have been looking for an excuse to go up there myself. I tried convincing a friend to go over Spring Break but it just didn't work out.

So we packed an overnight bag and headed north to Waco which has become the new design center of Texas. It is about a three and half hour drive from Houston through beautiful hill country and quaint towns. As you arrive in Waco, the Silos greet you from the freeway.

Arriving there, we saw tons of places selling parking spots, but I headed around the back of the vast complex and pulled right into the free lot attached to Magnolia Market.

A quick walk brought us into the back entrance where food trucks, flowers and lots of people enjoying the Texas  weather (it was hot and humid). The first thing we spotted was of course a personal size watermelon drink that a bunch of people were sipping on and I knew we would have to try.

As we walked through the complex, you could see the personal touches the Gaines have put into this place. It is tasteful and priced moderately with family fun in mind. We of course snapped the obligatory photos of the Silos and signs as we walked into the store.

The store wasn't huge and if no one is in there, would take about 15 minutes to look around. With it being crowded, we spent maybe 25 minutes looking around. Prices are high but you are "paying" for the Magnolia name. Tons of shirts expressing love for shiplap and #demoday floated around the store. My purchase included an adorable canvas tote with the Silos printed on and a bookmark. There isn't a ton of decor items in there and I think their website has way more.

After we were done, I promised the kids that we would track down the watermelon drink which was just a small watermelon which had an immersion blender taken to it. It was a perfect summer drink treat and the three of us ate off it for awhile. We also tried the grilled cheese truck and crepe truck which were tasty.

Of course after enjoying lunch and some conversation with fellow tourists, we ventured over to the Silos Bakery. It was well worth the 15 minute wait on heat for some of the best cupcakes I have ever had. I got the lemon lavender which was heavenly and we also got the huge bacon chive biscuit. 

After spending a few hours there, we headed to a motel up the road. Everything is super close to the Silos and pretty easy to get around. After resting, we found the cutest Market called Spice Market which was a store full of everything and anything crafty and homey.

We also took advantage of the free night at the Dr. Pepper museum and the kids got to try soda from a real soda fountain. It was made the old fashion way with syrup and seltzer water.

After that we of course had some good Tex Mex before calling it a night. Heat and humidity will do you in here in Texas.

The next morning, we visited the Findery which is another cute decor store, rode the free trolley around downtown to learn about the history. We tried some unique cold press juice bar and went again to the Spice Market.

Of course I spotted In and Out so we had that for lunch (always animal style). We ended our trip visiting the Historic Mammoth site which my seven year old just loved. It was well worth the trip off the beaten path to see the active dig.

Overall Waco is a great place to visit. I would love to have done more walking exploring if Baylor University and maybe a driving tour of the Fixer Upper homes. We all had a blast even though it rained some!

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