Friday, June 30, 2017

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Pinterest LOVE

Pinterest has my heart still. I love it for all the different ideas it gives me every day though what I don't like is all the different ideas it gives me every day because I feel like it is never in an orderly way. Yes I know we have boards, but sometimes I go pin crazy and than I feel everything is crazy disorganized. 

So I saw that others were putting on cover pictures for their boards and I loved that idea. I used a scrapbook program (My Memories) to create simple picture board headers for each of the different boards. 

Now my personal page looks like this and for me it is finally looking clean and orderly. I like clean and orderly. 

I love the cute little headers and they were simple. Any editing software and a general picture would work for this. 

You can always go to my Pinterest page and follow me. I pin all the time and love sharing ideas!

I mean I love Pinterest so much that when my Father in law was in San Francisco last year, he stopped into their headquarters and got me the cute little pin (yep it is a Pinterest pin). 

Thanks for stopping by!

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