Saturday, September 29, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge 2

Freezer Stretch 2- Day 6

I am going out so I decided to make something in the crock pot the family could just eat when they are ready. So I made some stuffed peppers using the peppers from veggie co-op that needed to be used or they needed to be tossed. I also thawed some ground turkey and added about a cup of brown rice into it as well as some Italian seasoning and garlic salt. I mixed it all together and stuffed the peppers but also just made some meatballs to stick in the pot. I topped it with some tomato sauce and about half a jar of water. Stuffed peppers is always one of my favorites to make and I like to make it closest to how my Grandma made it with a thinner sauce- more soup like. Now this is a nice fall meal just wish we had fall temps here.

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