Monday, September 24, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge 2

Freezer Stretch 2- Day 1

I decided after numerous fails last week as well as a trip to the grocery store and a ton of veggies from the co-op I am in, that I would start the count again to see how long we will go.

So I usually like to make a nice Sunday dinner but all of a sudden the day got a way from us and well I dug around and found italian sausage patties I had bought because I had a coupon. I paired that with some pasta salad that I made from the pantry. I had a bunch of veggies from my co-op because it was my week to drive so I cut up a red pepper and sautéed that up to top the italian sausage along with some tomato sauce and cheese to make a pizza burger.

It was a good and quick dinner which I like so onward to the next meal where I am planning turkey tacos.

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