Friday, September 21, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge

Freezer Stretch Day 19- WIN

I am going to take the Charlie Sheen approach today and say I am winning but I might be delusional. Today was a hectic day. I shoved so much in and well we had some wins and fails. First I did grocery shopping and even though I don't feel I am buying lots, it still was like 150 bucks. Milk, eggs, bread and all that jazz isn't cheap. I did get Mr. L's Halloween costume which came under my ten buck budget for it. I told everyone they had ten bucks for their costumes. Mr. L wanted to be a pirate but I am guessing that will turn into a cowboy pirate.

I than trekked to the toy store and bought most of their Xmas gifts today because they had good sales going on. I will only need to buy a few small things now. Than my hubby and I ventured over to a store and bought for 60 bucks a couch and for 25o a huge tv stand (both used but in good condition). They were from a hotel that was upgrading so we need to pick that up on Saturday and let's hope it works out.

Finally at home I had the fore sight to defrost the homemade tomato sauce I had int here. I threw in some meatballs I found in the freezer and we had a great dinner. I do admit to buying some additional freezer and pantry items at the store today because I had some of the items for a dish and I also needed to stock up on things I had run out- I was surprised I had no more cans of tomato sauce.

I really hope to make it through this weekend using what we have. I have Wildtree stuff that I am dying to try so I hope to make that one night. I also have stuff for homemade pizzas. I even think I have stuff to make desserts to1

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