Saturday, September 1, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge

Freezer Stretch - Day 3

French Bread Pizza

This was really good for our third day. It is a french bread pizza. I was inspired by a recipe off of Relish relish that I saw. I was looking in the freezer and remembered that I had some italian sausage in there so I thawed that I out. I than cut it out of its castings and browned the meat, I than added some mushrooms, and spinach into the mix. I had some french bread loaves that were prebaked some just needed to be finished in the oven.

Once the sausage, mushrooms, and spinach were cooked, I added in a small can of tomato sauce. After letting the oven preheat to 400, I sliced the bread the long way and topped with the italian sausage mix on each half. I had two small loaves so I had four slices. I than topped it with some shredded mozzarella and than some Italian seasoning. I baked for about 10 minutes or until the cheese was nice and melted and starting to brown.

This was so good and it had some spinach sneaked into the mix. You could also add onions to but my kids aren't big fans so I don't push them on them to much. The bread crisped up nice. I also think for the future this would make a good appetizer for a party. You could slice it up in bite size pieces.

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