Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Apple Pie Moonshine (sort of)

My hubby has been raving for years about the Apple Pie moonshine and I know most of heard about it. He finally was given some bottles of it by a family member who made it using ever clear. She told me it was easy to make and after some research, I saw that it was.

I took some Apple Juice, Apple Cider, 2 cups of sugar, and cinnamon sticks and boiled it. I let it cool for a few hours and added in some light rum. I than stuck it in some mason jars which my hubby thinks is so cute.

This is a great drink as a shot or over some ice. I think it would be good warmed for winter. I will be making this more often because it was so good but be warned the liquor in it is strong but it should mellow some as it ages.

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