Friday, November 25, 2011

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I think I might have talked some about this with tantrums. Miss O had two mega ones over the summer both which has each grandparent talking about it because they each happen either when they were here or we were visiting. Overall though she rarely has them. On the other hand, Mr. L is my tantrum kid.

His tantrums  range from minor to over the top. We had an over the top one the other night and well he went straight to bed. He refused to eat dinner and well refused to actually do anything, so I removed him from the equation and put him down.

I think that his tantrums happen more because he can't fully communicate with us. He is getting better and saying more and more every day. His new favorite phrase is "what you doing?" which he asks all the time and we answer.

I was a kid who had lots of tantrums, so I was waiting for one of my kids to be the same way. I know mine were do to lots of frustrations, so I try with Mr. L to understand him and work with him so that he doesn't go into a tantrum.

Last week, I saw an article on how to deal with tantrums and for the most part, that is how we are dealing with them. Usually when they happen, we ignore and don't acknowledge the behavior. The problem is sometimes he gets physical like last night when I picked him up to take him to bed, he boxed my ear. That action lands him in a time out. This usually gets him to calm down but sometimes not.

Going to bed is usually the final  straw and it gets him to calm down. I don't like doing it and it is rarely used but it does work. I just home that these tantrums and terrible twos aren't going to send me over the deep end!

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