Monday, February 17, 2014

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February Pinterest Party Crafts

So way back at the beginning of the month, I hosted the first Pinterest party of the year. We did 4 crafts and the inspiration  was budget crafting. I also wanted to make the last item but the store didn't have anymore of the flat candle bases. 

The first project was a decorated mason jar. The label on the front is a die cut heart out of chalkboard contact paper. You can write sweet messages. I left them empty but you could put tea, cocoa, or candy in it. I made these for Christmas and filled with candy. 

Apothecary inspired candle holder.  It is a candle base and a hurricane jar just glued together using super glue. I put a candle in but you could fill it with all sorts of things and make a variety of sizes of them to display. 

Here are the magnets of the magnet fabric colored board we did. 

Finally this is the project where all of the supplies no longer were at the store when I went back. It is a candle holder and candle plate sprayed painted red and clear coated. I than sprayed it with a clear coat. You could put a cupcake on it or candles. I thought what a cute plate stand. 

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