Monday, March 3, 2014

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Oscar Party in 30 Minutes!

So for some reason my family likes to dress up for the Oscars every year. Like tow or three years ago, I made an off hand comment about how we should dress up and my husband jumped on it so fast.

So for the last few years we all dress up in our fancy wear and watch the pre show and start of the awards in our best attire. Each year as the kids get older and know more of the movies, the debate gets heated for who is going to win.

This year I so wasn't in it. My husband asked and I think I grumbled something under my breath because I have been sick with a cold (I sounded like death for two days) and I am cookie Mom for the girls troop so between the money being due and cookie booths, I was tired, oh so very tired.

Than my husband asked again about just dressing up and I said okay. The kids than convinced me that we needed to throw a party and they caught me in that moment where I said yes and than I decided to do it as quick as possible.

I decided to make some red velvet cupcakes and while they were baking, we went to Pinterest and found some adorable printables from We Heart Parties. I used some of those as well as a cutout of Oscar. I quickly created the cupcake toppers using MDS. The kids were a big help and here are the pics from our party.

My spread!

Shirley Temple's any one?

Always helps when you have a left over box mix of red velvet in the pantry

Gyros were already planned for dinner!

Of course you need popcorn

Miss O and her Oscar ballot

Mr. L and his cupcake (he was slightly annoyed at me)

The whole family!

Minion was dressed as well (kids did it)

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