Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Weekly Calendar Update

I really liked the family calendar wall  last May but everyone and I mean everyone would knock the frames off and because they were dollar store frames, they would break. I think I replaced at least three frames and after the boy knocked one off the other day, I decided I need to do something different.

The kids love having the calendar up there for the week so they know what is happening and where everyone is coming and going.

I picked up this large 20x20 framed chalkboard at the craft store and decided to decorate it up. I also picked up the small chipboard pieces that I used for the days of the week. I covered those with some fun paper I had on hand and used the chalkboard contact paper for the days of the week as well.

I than die cut out the banners on the top as well as punched out some circles and wrote  out the letters. 

It turned out great and it is up hign now so there should be limited chance to it getting knocked off the wall now. 

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