Monday, April 14, 2014

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April Pinterest Party Projects

There is a group of eight of us including myself that do a bimonthly Pinterest Party where half the group brings a project to share for us (we swap out). This month we had some great projects and one project that we loved the concept of but in practice didn't work.

Here are some photos of our projects:

Decorated Mason Jar Cup from Lisa L. 

Lisa found these awesome mason jars from Target in both clear and blue. We added washi tape around the rim of the cap and of course the fun chalk board accent to write a message or a name. 

Lavender Sugar Scrub  by Karen

I LOVE this one so much and it was so was to make. We used two cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of lavender baby wash and 1/4 cup of baby oil. Just mix it up. to add the purple color, I did two drops of blue and two drops of red and mixed till the perfect purple came out. 

I washed my hands after I finished it and they were so smooth after using the scrub. I plan on using these for Xmas presents. 

Cupacake Holder by Jessica

This was so much fun and Jessica did lots of prep for us by pre painting the terra cotta pot and saucer. We glued the saucer to the pot and than mod podged the paper on to the inside of the saucer. I love the print fun summer color and can see so many uses for it other than cupcakes. Won't this be a fun gift to give with a plate of cupcakes!!!

Our fail pinterest was using wax paper to transfer a design to a candle using sharpies and a heat gun. The pictures on the inspiration project were awesome and we all even played with it for a bit. We all thought what great applications it would be for gifts. I am still working on trying to figure it out so we can try it again. I have to say this was our first project to not come out like Pinterest (we have had tons of food ones). 

I wish I would have taken pics of our food as well because everything we had was wonderful. I will be making mine for sure again as well as Cindy's pull apart pizza bread (or as we duped it pizza monkey bread). 



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  1. And a great time was had by all. Fails happen all the time in th real pinterest world too.