Saturday, April 12, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

My non girly girl decided on a Frozen theme for her birthday party this year and well I have to say I loved pulling it together and it was super easy and actually inexpensive. 

I used Pinterest and picked a teal color scheme to reflect ice. 

The first craft/project I had for the kids were to decorate a goodie bag like Olaf and than to build a snowman using some fun food items. This was such a big hit. 

I also used blue with the food. I made a punch using some Hawaiian punch and lemon lime soda. I found Blue Velvet cake mix to make cupcakes (there wasn't one left of the two dozen I made). 

I loved the "Melted Snowman" which a bunch just took home for later. I also did a summer craft because Olaf loves summer time. 

Here is my little girl and me in our Frozen mash up shirts we got from Teefury. Miss O's was called Frozen in Time which was had Elsa freezing the TARDIS from Doctor Who. She just loved that shirt. 
Mine was Game of Thrones which no kids got but every parent sure laughed at it. 

Overall we had a great party and the kids had a blast. Miss O got some nice presents which included a lot of Legos which is her most favorite toy currently. Her one friend got her a Captain America set which was instantly put together. 

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