Saturday, January 10, 2015

# Birthday Bash

Batman Birthday

My son has never had an actual birthday party. He has had family ones and last year Grandma and Grandpa were in town for it but usually because it falls so close to Christmas, he does not get anything big or special. So he is turing 5 and I promised him a birthday party, so I invited friends and his whole class- I think it was like 22 kids and  I knew not everyone would come but I planned for 24 kids. Yeah I know CRAZY but I also know to plan and make it easy. I had ten kids show up which was a perfect amount. 

The Boy is OBSESSED with Batman. I think he talks about Batman at least once a day and tells me all sorts of facts. The Batman thing has grown over the year and so when we decided to pick a theme of course Batman was top of the list (I think at one point he wanted a Minecraft/Batman Mashup but we settled on just Batman). 

I wanted to make the party fun, and easy for a variety of reasons. It the midst of all the planning we had Christmas, New Years and a  week long vacation so I went a ahead and worked early to get the majority of the stuff ready.

Each kid is getting either a Batman or Robin mask plus a coordinating cape to be super in. I also created a fun photo booth props of the Penguin, Two Face, Riddler, and the Joker. As I was showing my son them, he was right on with who each was- yep he is a fan. 

I found black capes at the dollar store but could not find green ones for Robin. So I bought some fun green fabric and used the black capes as a template to make those. 

I also of course made a birthday banner all using my Cricut. I do love that machine and it made work easy.

I purchased items from Oriental Traders that were superhero themed as well as the dollar store for plates and napkins.

I kept the meal simple with hot dogs, chips, cupcake cake and joker juice. He loved his cake!

We also played some fun games and we let the kids just have a fun playing. How often do you get a large play date at your house.

Finally we had a photo booth and had some fund with that!

Here is Mr. L opening some of his gifts.

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