Friday, January 9, 2015

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Road Trip 2014-15- Part 2

We have now come to the meat of our road trip - the three day bus trip that my in-laws were so wonderful in coordinating for us.

We got up early like three thirty am to get ready, pack up the car, and travel about thirty minutes to the pick up location in Mesa plus it was raining in Phoenix which is rare.  So here we were off to get on the big bus which the kids were literally vibrating with excitement because they couldn't wait to see Papa at work.

We waited and dozed in the van until I hear from the boy that the bus was here. That kid can be so poky sometimes but he instantly got out of the van and grabbed his suitcase and backpack to literally run to the waiting bus. We all followed suit and loaded onto the waiting bus which was nice a toasty (it was cold that morning) and started to head west again.

We all dozed on the bus as we headed for a few more pickups and finally stopped for the first time in Quartzsite which I guess has an interesting bookstore and huge flea market starting in January. I would love to go there again and explore. It was so interesting there.

Again we war off again and made another comfort stop for bathrooms and snacks somewhere in California. Truthfully I dozed quite a bit even through the thralling Rose Parade video that my Mother in Law had put on (someone had asked for us to watch it again and thankfully we couldn't).

We started our drive through LA to Newport Beach which was our first official stop to be tourists in. We stopped and had some lunch and he kids were super excited to see the Pacific ocean which was super cold.

The boy was super obsessed with chasing seagulls but they ran around like crazy people and enjoyed the lovely playground to burn some energy before we headed back on the bus. 

Our destination was to the final for the evening back at the hotel for dinner and early bed time because again, we would need to be up early to get to the parade. 

We enjoyed a good dinner and some light conversation that evening before we headed up to our room to retire for the evening. The kids were excited but easily feel asleep.

More tomorrow- the actual parade day!

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