Saturday, January 10, 2015

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Road Trip 2014-15- Part 3

Parade Day!

Another rumoring of getting up at 3:30 am in order to get us all ready to get breakfast prior to heading back on the bus for the the trip to Rose parade in Pasadena. We got down for Breakfast at 4:30 because we were warned they might run out and I did not want to have hungry kids at the parade. After Miss O nearly burned down the place with her croissant getting stuck (it happen to me the next day), we headed to the bus all bundled up because it was super cold- actually it was the coldest rose Parade on record.

My father in law did a great job gutting us to Pasadena and to where the bus was parked. After we sat for awhile because it was cold, we headed out of the bus to our seats which were somewhere on Colorado.  We finally found our seats and were those bleachers cold. I don't think my feet warmed up for a good hour after we got back on the bus.

The parade finally reached us around 8:50 and it was exciting to see all of the bands, floats, and horses.

After the parade we warmed up on the bus and headed over to Long Beach where we took a harbor cruise, saw the Queen Mary as well as some sea lions. 

Tomorrow will be up and close of the floats!

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