Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This is going to be an odd post with a variety of things going on. So you may wonder why the title of two years. If you known for awhile, you might be able to guess but if you know me from after say May 2015, you may not know that I had a pretty big accident that almost took my left hand (you can read about it here). You might have noticed the scar there and afraid to ask. I might have told you flat out with a chuckle how the accident happen. It was a fluke in so many ways and had set a ton for that year that was awful. 

2015 from my accident on, was like one accident after another. I swear I had never had so much badness floating around me. Between myself, family and just life in general I did wonder if we would make it through. We did and now two years later, I reflect that it made me stronger. 

I can't say all the badness ended and 2016 wasn't shining either but it wasn't as bad as it had been. The only really good thing in 2015 was the incredible trip we took as a family to Disney World. I needed a project to get me out of the funk of 4 months of rehab and basically not being able to use my left hand. You become very inventive when you can only use one hand. 

So fast forward to today which is my anniversary. My hand aches pretty bad because we have a storm  just coming in. I need to take some to help with the aches. I am thankful though that I have my hand and could have easily had it taken off. Sliced tendons were minor than in the whole thing. 

So over the last two years, I have tried hard to maybe appreciate things. Lot of different things have happen, some wonderful and others heartbreaking. People who use to be a presence in my life aren't anymore but new ones have entered. Just today the hubs and I had a nice conversation with a couple very similar to us. Maybe it is a start of new friends or maybe it was just a good conversation. 

Two years ago, I won't have guessed that we would be nearly full throttle in a new business awaiting the next step. I did some running today, to help my hubby with an idea he had. I love doing that sort of stuff. I crafted some and actually pulled my sewing machine out which is not often. I would make stuff and someone would be critical of it making me not want to sew much.  I like to craft and it isn't perfect ever but it is handmade. 

Life makes so many twists and turns that you can get dizzy by it all. Things you like are a good thing may often end up as bad things and well good comes out of bad as well. Here I am being able to type with both hands. I can wear my wedding ring which for nearly a year, I couldn't. I am finding joy in more things with my kids.

So many things happen in two years and when you look back you realize it all happens with purpose. So thankful for the people that came through it with me! I am sure in another two years even more will be different. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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