Friday, January 27, 2017

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Baseball Season is Starting

Yes the first thing out of my mouth was "are you getting softball ones to?" 

I wasn't the only one asking and they are checking. 

So of course I saw these adorable raglans with baseballs on them and knew I needed to make a shirt with it but what. I have so many softball centric and many baseball are similar but I found this idea and was like YESSSSSS!

So of course once it is in my head and I need to create and do it so  after some time cutting on my Cricut, and pressing, here is the finished project. 

I will be making a similar one if they get softball shirts in to the vinyl shop (I got mine here). 

I figure if I am living at the sportsplex for the next 4 months, I should look cute- right?

Thanks for stopping by!

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