Sunday, July 2, 2017

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It's The Buy of The Century!

"It is the buy of the Century" according to my daughter.

It might not actually be the buy of the century but it is a really good buy. Like crazy good buy.

So are you wondering what this crazy buy was.

Well.... it is a sno cone machine for 8 bucks, yes a whole whopping 8 bucks and some change (it retails for 120 bucks).

We happen to stop by Tuesday Mornings today because I always like to look at what cheap scrapbook/planner supplies for cheap. They sometimes have the cutest stuff there for cheap. Nothing caught my attention but as we were walking out, the clerk asked if we would be interested in the sno cone machine for like 8 bucks. She said it is brand new and never opened. Someone had just returned it and she said it would go fast (yes it went fast).

The kids were giddy with excitement and could not wait to get home to put it together. We also needed to figure out syrup for it which we made ourselves and it was super easy to do.

We came home and after I did a few things, I set to work putting it together which wasn't that easy and I made a mistake and put something on backwards so it had to be redone.  All in all it took like 30 minutes to put together.

The syrup was so easy to make to. We made a simple syrup on the stove using 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. We brought it to a boil and made sure the sugar was dissolved. Than we put in a packet of our favorite Kool-Aide flavor. We than put them into some mustard and ketchup plastic bottles for easy dispensing.

If I used this for a party, I can always just label which one is which. So after it gets mixed up and please be super careful because it is really hot.  We let the syrup cool for most of the afternoon in the fridge and it needs to be refrigerated when not using.  

So after dinner and showers, we went to work making sno cones. The kids loved it and just a small amount of ice made a huge mound of ice.

The kids went to work creating their sno cones and using the flavors we made (watermelon and lemon-lime). The Kool-Aide was on sale for 15 cents a package. So with the sugar it was like 50 cents to make each of the syrup.

Of course I didn't have sno cone cups so we just used some regular cups (the girl says we need to get those cups for the future).

Look how happy the kids are after they made thier sno cones. 

They are thinking how awesome it would be to have a sno cone stand to help with the heat. We joked that they could easily make our 8 bucks back.

Summer is about having fun lots and lots of fun. This was such a fun thing to get and have for the future. The kids will likely eat thier weight in sno cones this weekend. My daughter is thinking of all the flavors she could make (she plays softball so she is thinking pickle juice might be good). 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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