Tuesday, August 1, 2017

# habits

Bad habits

We all have bad habits and sometimes we need to work on them.

Let's see what mine are:

1. I eat to much junk food. I really need to work at getting better at eating the right things. We all do. 

2. I swear way to much and my hubby says it isn't good around the kids. I know and I wish I would get better on this. I try hard to not do it but sometimes a good swear word helps a lot!

3. Bossy, I am super bossy which helps in some situations and others can make it worst. 

4. Doing everything on my own which is a blessing and a curse. I need help but it can be so hard because I like to do it my way. 

Let's be honest that if I wrote all my habits down like anyone, I could easily fill pages and pages of stuff. We all just are trying together by and do our best.

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