Monday, February 13, 2012

# crafts

My hubby is crafty too!

I think after a dozen years it is finally rubbing off on my husband to be crafty. He has over the years built me an awesome shelf and quilt rack. He also just over the holidays built an incredible table for his bar. I keep forgetting to get pics of it. The other thing he has started doing is decorating his VW bug for the seasons. Of course for Halloween the orange bug was a jack o'lantern and over Xmas was a giant ornament.

Though he might have out did himself this time. He has wanted and talked about making a car into the General Lee. I had to talk him out of it with out old Kia prior to selling it. So when he got the bug in October, I knew it was only a matter of time. I actually kept my mouth shut and than he started on it again. I actually totally came up with the idea that it be the Lt. Lee because well it is smaller and Lt. could also stand for little. 

So this weekend he went to work cutting out his vinyl clings and attaching them to the car. He than traced out the letters in white vinyl electrical tape. The car looks sweet and is so funny. So now we have all been assigned names from the Dukes. I am for some reason Uncle Jesse because the 5 year old scooped up Daisy instantly.

So here is the car all done and I think it is so cute and well a little tongue and cheek in the humor!

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