Tuesday, February 21, 2012

# Organization

Special Series- Organize your Life!!!

I am going to start a special series that is all about organizing your life. Spring is right around the corner, okay about here for Houston, and I thought it would be a great way to give some tricks as to organizing our lives. I try real hard to be organized and for the most part I am put yes I do have areas where I fail like the pantry which is the focus of this first post.

I try and try to keep it organized and have almost on a weekly basis pull things out and reorganize it to fit this week's groceries in. I about had it today when my husband open the door and asked me where the peanut butter was in the midst of all this chaos. I told him to look low like where the kids would put it. I decided that it needed to get done especially after i saw the amazing pantry on Pinterest the other day as well. Mine doesn't look as nice but it is organized and I hope it stays this way.

I started out with going to both the dollar store and Wally world to get containers to put like stuff in. I hate all the boxes of oatmeal floating around as well as the spices falling off the shelf all the time. So after the shopping spree and about 70 bucks later, I had all the stuff I needed.

I pulled it all out and as you can see from the picture, this was a lot of stuff. I have like ten boxes of instant potatoes in some form (Scallop, mashed, etc). I also had so many packs of oatmeal and a variety of pasta that needed to be put together in one home. So like two hours later and lots of figuring it all out, my pantry is cleaned out. I feel so good about it. The blue and green bins hold the kids snacks, pasta/rice sides, coffee and teas in them.

I have all the baking items like flour, sugar, etc in their own bins as well as the cereals and pasta in containers as well. I feel so much better that I can see it all so I won't be buying the same thing over and over again to add up to a ton of things.

Here is the finished pantry all organized and let's hope it stays that way!

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