Friday, March 16, 2012

# Organization

Special Series- Organizing the Freezer

My freezers are black holes for food. Things go in and may never come out. I thought it was more organized than it really was so I had this as my new project and well I really hope it works. The pantry is staying pretty nice and I need to label my flour, sugar, etc . I have labels just haven't gotten around to it.

So back to the freezers. I have two of them. A side by side one in the house and than a top freezer in the garage. Both have been filled to the crime on many occasions and I would forget what I had in there and buy more of the same. With the pantry and things labels, as I run out, I put them on the list but it is harder to see what is in the freezers so yes I pulled everything out of both of them, organized them and wrote everything down. I than categorized them, typed them all up and printed on card stock a sheet of what is in there. Now as I use things, I can cross them off and I also quickly see what I have with out pulling things out.

I used the side by sure freezer as a starting point and filled drawers with like times as well as the shelves. All the breakfast items are now in the house freezer for easy early morning access instead of spread out between the two. I also cleaned out the fridge as well to see what I have and get it ready for my veggie co-op this weekend.

I am all about making my life easier and more efficient. I don't want to be like my Grandma who stocked piled pickles in her downstairs pantry though that was likely due to living through the depression. I also don't want foods to go bad or buy similar items. I now know I have a variety of meats to make so when I plan out the meals for my menu board, I know what I have and can easily make it.

So let's see if I can keep it in some sane order and update my list as needed. I really like being organized and having life simplified so I don't have to stress out about what needs to be made or what needs to be bought. I hope this is the last piece to my crazy organization of the kitchen!

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