Monday, March 5, 2012

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Updating the Half Bath

So my wonderful children have pecked away at the wallpaper border int he half bath. The first rip happened a few years ago when Daddy was home with a sick Miss O, who for some reason thought I need to rip that. I did a quick fix on it but than this past year, both kids have gotten their hands on it to rip pieces off.

I knew I needed to fix it which meant to actually take it all down and either repaint or put a new border up. I was so dreading it but with all of the things I have been doing over the lats few weeks, I finally decided to get to it. I ordered a new border last week and than started taking down the border. I peeled off the first layer of the one wall last week and well was dishearten. I walked away dreading it even more now.

So yesterday the new border arrived and I figured I should just go to work on it. I have to say it ended up being way easier than I thought. It took me a total of an hour to take the original border down and put the new one up. I think these new borders are so much nicer than the old wallpaper which you would have to basically take it down to the sheet rock (yep  we had to do that in our kitchen when we took that stuff down).

I first took off the print part of the wallpaper and than I started working on the tan backing. I was cleaning up around the edges and got it wet, well that was the trick to it. It peeled right off. I got it all off in about twenty minutes by just wetting sections and peeling it off. I than took both the sponge and magic eraser to get those few little pieces.

Because it took so little time, I started working on the new border which I got up in about thirty minutes (you have to wait some between wetting and putting up). I love that I have a natural level in there with the counter, so it went right up plus I found a nice simple border that wasn't so busy, so piecing it was really easy.

Here are pictures of it all:

This is taking down the border. 

More border coming down. 

Border is down. YOu could tell it was up there when you were in there because the wall underneath was whiter. 

New border up. I just used a different nautical/lighthouse border. 

This quick and easy fix makes the bathroom look new again. My hubby walked in and instantly said how nice it looks. Now I know next time they decide to rip it, I can fix it. 

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