Monday, September 2, 2013

# crafts

Burlap Fall Banner

I LOVE fall and fully admit to it being my most favorite time of the year. So much is happening with the season change which really doesn't happen till like December here in Texas to all sorts of intoxicating fall scents with pies, and drinks to name just a few. I am sad to leave summer because the kids and I have a blast but fall is all about sports, school, and Halloween!

I created a burlap banner to hang on my mantel shelf and of course it will all be decked out in fallesque attire. 


  1. r the first person I see enjoys MDS like this. Im loving your frames for all the pictures. Not sure if you've been to my blog sometime but Im so enjoying yours (while I fold clothes :P)
    ;) pretty!

    1. I just started doing this to make the pictures pop some more with my projects. Thanks for the kind words!